Senior/patrolling members (>15 years)

Fees: ~  $20 per season for those under 18

              $35 per season for those above 18. 

You will need to fill out a membership form online and possibly a working with children declaration.

Training is provided for the awards, (Surf Rescue Certificate or  Bronze Medallion) for you to be able to start patrolling. We also provide training for more advanced awards (such as the Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate) as experience is gained. 

Basic uniforms (shorts, shirt, skull cap) are provided for all patrolling members.

Junior/Nippers members (5-16 years)


One parent in each family must join the Surf Club. 
One parent and one child - $65. One parent and two or more children - $100. 

Children must wear a club cap at all surf club activities, and Club rash top or fluro vest, when entering the water. Club caps, rash-tops, hats and swimmers can be purchased from the club. Some second hand clothing available.

To join nippers, you will need to complete 3 forms:

  1. Download and complete the Form 
  2. Download and complete the Working with Children declaration Form. (You will need to print the form once completed and take it to your nearest RTA for your identity to be confirmed)
  3. Download and complete the Parent Participation Form.
    Email completed form to Jan Merrick -