Davina Strauss - World Champion!

A lot of you would not be aware but our shy quiet beach powerhouse Davina Strauss who has already done the club proud with winning gold at the Masters Aussies 2010 in Flags has gone better than that.

 Davina has competed in the Rescue 2010 (Lifesaving World Championships) in Alexandria Egypt and has brought herself and Coledale SLSC the ultimate sports accollade.

 Davina has won two Gold medals in her age group 30-34 in the beach flags event and also beach sprint. An awesome acheivment but she wasn't prepared to stop there.

Davina also competed in the open womens events for beach flags and beach sprints and has taken out the bronze medal in the flags event against women who were 19, 20, 21 "much younger than herself"!


We now have a WORLD CHAMPION amongst us and it couldn't happen to a nicer dedicated person.


Congratulations Davina