Conditions of use

General & Conditions of use


1) The occupant must promptly comply with and observe the provisions of every statute, regulation, ordinance, by law and rule made or to be made under any statute and all notices received from and directions given by any statutory or public authority or Park Management relating to the site or the use of the site by the occupant.

2) All new arrivals and visitors must report to Park Management before entry into the park.

3) All sites are ONLY to be occupied by registered persons.

4) Stays of six hours or more within a 24 hour period by any person the occupant allows on the site will incur the applicable extra person’s nightly charge.

5) All vehicles must be registered and possess Compulsory Third Party insurance to enter the park.

6) The occupant must park all vehicles within areas designated by Park Management, and not on any internal roads or vacant sites.

7) A speed limit of 10kph must be obeyed within the park at all times.

8) Coin operated washing machines and dryers are provided in communal laundry.

9) A helmet must be worn without exception when riding bikes, scooters and rollerblades.

10) The occupant and/or any person the occupant allows on the site, or elsewhere in the park must not:
a) cause or permit disturbance of the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of Park Management, any other person lawfully in the park or owners/occupiers of any neighbouring land;
b) cause or permit a nuisance to Park Management, any other person lawfully in the park or owners/occupiers of any neighbouring land;
c) cause or permit the interference with the proper use and enjoyment of the park by any other person lawfully in the holiday park;
d) intentionally or negligently cause or permit any damage to the site or any other part of the park;
e) use the site, or cause or permit the site to be used for any illegal purpose;
f) cause or permit any unreasonable noise at anytime, particularly between 10:00 pm and 12:00 am; and
g) cause or permit noise strictly between 12:00 am and 7:30 am.

11) Management accepts no responsibility for any loss, theft or damage that may occur to an occupants’ personal property whilst staying at the park.

12) Caravans and tents must be erected within the boundaries of the powered or unpowered sites designated by Park Management.

13) The digging of trenches around caravans and tents is not permitted unless authorised by Park Management.

14) The occupant must not erect or display an advertisement within the park.

15) Amenities blocks are closed to patrons during cleaning and/or maintenance.

16) Children under eight years of age can only enter amenity or laundry blocks when accompanied by an adult.

17) Hand basins and laundry tubs in amenities blocks must not be used for washing cooking utensils.

18) The occupant and/or any person the occupant allows on the site must ensure the site is safe and without risks to health in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 and to a standard acceptable to Park Management.

19) The occupant must maintain the site in a clean and tidy condition and free from all garbage, refuse and waste matter.

20) The occupant must ensure that all garbage, refuse and waste material is securely wrapped and placed in the appropriate receptacle provided

21) A person must not occupy a site for a total of more than 60 days in any 12 month period, or for more than 30 days continuously.

22) Children under 16 years to be supervised by an adult at all times

23) Dogs and other animals are NOT permitted in the park

24) Wet suits, Surf or Body boards NOT to be taken into amenities. All sand to be removed at outside showers before entry

25) NO Generators to be used

26) NO Open or Wood Fires. See caretaker re; the use of compressed fuel BBQ’s

27) Managment reserves the right to refuse sites & to require occupants breaching the conditions of use to vacate the site immediately - NO refunds will be made