Club Championships Postponed

Due to a clash of dates, the Coledale club championships have been postponed. A new date is yet to be decided. Stay tuned.

In other news, one of our more senior members entered himself in the champs for the 'Under 21 plus a little' age group while some more youthful patrolling members have entered in the 85+ groups. Ha ha ha. Three cheers for creative book keeping :)


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Surf Club Function Rules And Conditions

Hall Hire - Rules and Conditions (Updated - January 2013)

All correspondence should be sent to:

Hall Manager P.O. Box 48 Thirroul, NSW, 2515

Contact the hall manager by phone on +612 4267 5314.

Before hiring our Hall, you must agree to comply with the following rules and conditions. You will be asked to sign a document saying that you agree to these rules and conditions.



Senior/patrolling members (>15 years)

Fees: ~$40 per season of membership. (Exact amount to be confirmed since I don't have it written down in front of me)

You will need to fill out a Membership form and possibly also a working with children declaration (to be confirmed since I dont have it written down in front of me.. and its been a while since I first joined up..)

Coledale SLSC Centenary Celebrations

Looking like there might be something happening for the Surf Club's centenary celebration on the 8th-10th November, 2013.. Its still a while off so dont write the dates down in concrete yet ;-)
Date: Friday-Sunday, 8-10 November 2013

Conditions Of Use

General & Conditions of use


Fees And Charges

These fees cover 2 persons. Additional persons (exception children under 8 years)are charged per the schedule of fee's. A maximum of 6 persons may occupy the same site.

Payment of the total period of stay must be made on or prior to arrival

Coledale Camping Reserve

The Coledale Surf Life Saving Club Inc. manages the Camping Reserve under the License from Wollongong City Council.

For all camping enquiries contact Camp Site Manager:

4267 4302

PO Box 48 THIRROUL NSW 2515)



2012 - 2013 Patrol Roster.